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> Men's Bamboo Clothing

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Bamboo Dreams Men's Short Sleeve Shirt

Choose from 6 Available Colors


Men's Bamboo Clothing For a Trendy Eco-Comfort

There's nothing better than coming home from a long hard day and putting on your favorite comfortable clothes. It's even better when your lounge-around-the-house clothes are both trendy and eco-friendly. Bamboo clothing for men, allows for guys to relax and unwind without having to think about whether they match, or endure clothes that are tight, uncomfortable, or itchy. Instead, our collection of men's tee shirts and lounge pants will make you look forward to unwinding for the night or enjoying a lazy Sunday just so you can wear your favorite bamboo clothes!

Bamboo Dreams® men's long- and short-sleeved tees are your perfect go-to shirts for just about any day or activity. Horsing around with the kids, heading out the door for a dinner with friends, or powering through your daily jog in the park; this tee has got you covered. It's the perfect kind of "go anywhere" shirt with an added bonus: you'll look great no matter what you do! Available in dark solids or stripes, Bamboo Dreams® tees are perfect for layering or wearing on their own. You may find yourself buying several to have on hand for all your activities. They also make great workout shirts since they naturally wick away moisture, leaving you feeling dry and comfortable even if you sweat.

Everyone has a favorite pair of comfortable lounge pants, and as soon as you try the Bamboo Dreams® Men's Lounge pants, you'll discover your new favorite. Featuring an elastic waistband for added comfort, plus two pockets for stashing your keys or wallet when you head out, these pants will keep you cool and comfortable or warm and cozy depending on the time of year. It's just a bonus that they are so easy to care for, just like the tees, so even the most die-hard bachelor can wash and dry them with ease.

Men who love comfort and are also conscious about their impact on the environment will find the perfect fit with Bamboo Dreams® lounge pants and tees.