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> Bamboo Bathrobes

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Kassatex Bamboo Robe

Choose from 4 Available Colors

Bamboo Dreams Celeste Sweater Robe

Choose from 2 Available Colors

Bamboo Dreams Nina Belted Robe in Starlight

Choose from 7 Available Colors

Sassimi La Jolla Contrast Bamboo Spa Robe in Seafoam

Choose from 6 Available Colors

Bamboo Dreams Short Robes by Yala in Beach Glass

Choose from 2 Available Colors


A Bamboo Robe is the Epitome of Comfort and Absorbency!

Picture yourself on a beautiful weekend morning, sitting at your breakfast nook while having your first cup of coffee.  You may be reading a magazine or your morning newspaper while you relax into your day. Adding to the enjoyment of this quiet moment? The cozy comfort of your luxurious new robe made from bamboo viscose fiber. Never scratchy, damp, or bulky, this eco-friendly fabric will have you falling in love with your robe . . . leaving you to think twice about the need to get dressed!

Bamboo viscose is a fiber used to make some of the finest, softest, most absorbent garments imaginable. The feel of this unique material is often compared to silk or cashmere. Bamboo fabric drapes very elegantly on the body, so you are creating a fashion statement even as you lounge about the house. Not to mention bamboo viscose fabric's unparalleled softness, absorbency, and gorgeous sheen.

Spa robes made from bamboo viscose far surpass the absorbency of the common cotton robe. Even on warm or humid days, you will still feel dry and comfortable in a bamboo robe. The special absorbent quality of bamboo fiber helps the fabric to absorb any moisture on your skin and also allows the material to dry up to two times faster than cotton. People with sensitive skin or allergies love that bamboo is a hypo-allergenic material.

Many of the finest spas and hotels in the world offer plush and cozy bathrobes for use during your stay. But when you wrap yourself in your own plush Bamboomo robe after a bath or shower, you can experience the ultimate in luxury without ever leaving home. We offer several styles and lengths of robe, allowing you to choose the perfect robe for you. Once you try the wonderful softness and casual luxury of a bamboo bathrobe from Bamboomo, you may never want to take it off!