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Bamboo Blankets

Bamboo Towels

These luxurious towels are unbelievably soft and silky to the touch. You'll be amazed by their natural benefits.

Bamboo Sheets

Snuggle up in bed with the softest sheets ever and experience the feeling of euphoria.

Bamboo Duvets and Blankets

Elegant bamboo duvets & throws will be sure to add a look of fashion and comfort to your bed.

Bamboo Bathrobes

Wrap yourself in the luxury of this premium bathrobe, and you will feel like you are at the spa.

Bamboo Women's Clothing

With our beautiful organic bamboo clothing you will be fashionable, stylish and eco-friendly.

Bamboo Men's Clothing

Bamboo clothing is the absolute ultimate in comfort, style and even wicks moisture.

Bamboo Baby Clothes and Accessories

Organic bamboo baby clothes, blankets and bedding are so snugly your kids will love them.

Bamboo Accessories | Bamboo Scarves

Versatile bamboo accessories are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, day or night.

Pamper Yourself with Luxurious Bamboo

Unmatched softness. Superb absorbency. Pure luxury. Welcome to the amazing world of bamboo. At Bamboomo, we only offer the best quality organic clothing, towels, robes, and bedding made with eco-friendly bamboo viscose fiber. 

Why bamboo? The proof is in the unique qualities of this special material. Bamboo is hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for people suffering from allergies or sensitive skin. The cellular makeup of bamboo gives our towels and robes superior absorbency, helping keep your skin dry and comfortable. The unique makeup of bamboo viscose fiber also allows it to absorb water, repel moisture, and resist odors.

Many people think of cotton fiber when they think of towels, sheets, blankets or clothing; or organic cotton if they are interested in an environmentally-friendly fabric. But did you know cotton is actually considered a dirty crop? It also requires large amounts of water, a precious natural resource, to grow the amounts of cotton needed to produce all of the products made from cotton fiber. And, if you have ever used or worn a product made from cotton fibers, you know that they are typically not especially soft, plus they tend to shrink after washing.

Bamboo viscose is softer and silkier than cotton, giving it a wonderfully satiny feel against your skin. Bamboo fibers dry quickly, helping to prevent the unpleasant smell of mildew in damp towels and bathrobes. Unlike regular cotton, bamboo is an environmentally-friendly choice because it can be grown without pesticides and insecticides because it contains a natural insect deterrent. Bamboo grows quickly with very little water as compared to cotton.  Plus, our bamboo clothing is made from organic bamboo. We’re betting that once you go bamboo, you’ll never go back!

Now that you have learned the benefits of fabric made from bamboo viscose, it’s time to let your sense of touch take over. Words may adequately describe the feel of products made with bamboo viscose, but why not find out for yourself?  We maintain a commitment to the integrity and durability of our products, so the decision is easy!  Go ahead and indulge your senses with all bamboo has to offer. We are confident that you will be happy once you experience the luxury of Bamboomo’s products; in fact, we guarantee it!